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How to Get Your CDL in Maryland and Arizona

How to Get Your CDL in Maryland and Arizona This article is useful for anyone who wants to get your CDL in Maryland and Arizona. If you want to learn about earning a CDL at other states, we have put together a comprehensive guide on how to get a commercial driver’s license in every state of the country. MarylandThe following are the requirements for obtaining a CDL in Maryland.You must be 18 years old to obtain a learner’s permit for an intrastate CDL and  21 years of age for an interstate one.You must have a full Maryland driver’s license.When applying, you must provide proof of age, identity, and Maryland residence.Drivers of heavy trucks, buses and vehicles placarded for  hazardous materials  must have a special CDL  with proper endorsements. Vehicles 26,000+ pounds, buses designed to transport 16+ passengers including the driver, all school buses, mobile cranes, uncoupled tractors, and most tow trucks are included.You must pass a  vision screening  and knowledge test.Out-of-state learnerâ⠂¬â„¢s permits cannot be exchanged for a Maryland learner’s permit or license.You must present valid Med Cert documentation (DOT card, skills performance evaluation, waiver exemption, etc.) whether applying for a new license or renewing, duplicating or correcting a CDL.In order to obtain your CDL, you must pass a knowledge test and a skills test.Knowledge TestThe  desired  class of license and endorsements you seek  will determine what CDL knowledge tests are required. You must obtain an 80% passing score on each required test. You must provide a Medical Examiner’s Certificate (DOT Card) or a valid Intrastate State/Interstate Waiver.The General Knowledge Test is required by all applicants, and you must pass it to take  additional knowledge tests.The Air Brake Knowledge Test is required if your vehicle is equipped with air brakes.The Combination Vehicles Knowledge Test is required if you want to drive combination vehicles.The Tanker Knowledge Test is required if you want to haul liquids in bulk.The Double/Triples Knowledge Test is required to pull double or triple trailers.The Passenger Knowledge Test is required by all bus drivers and school bus operators. In addition, school bus operatiors must pass the   School Bus Knowledge Test.The Hazardous Materials Knowledge Test is required if you wish to haul hazardous materials.CDL Skills TestThis test consists of a  pre-Trip Inspection to include an air brake test if vehicle is equipped with air brakes, a basic maneuvers test, and a public road test.  You must pass each level before moving on to the next.ArizonaThe following vehicles require you to have a CDL:If you will drive a combination vehicle (truck and trailer) whose trailer has a GVWR of 10,001+ lbs. total weight with the truck of 26,001+ lbs, you will need a Class A CDL.If you will drive a vehicle with  GVWR is 26,001+ lbs., you will need a Class B CDL. With this license, you can also tow a trailer with  weight that does not exceed 10,000 lbs.If you will transport hazardous materials or 16+ passengers (including the driver) in a vehicle with  GVWR 26,000 lbs. or less, you will need a Class C CDL.To obtain your CDL, You must  answer a minimum of  80 percent of the questions on each knowledge test correctly and complete a road/skills test in the class of vehicle you intend to drive.Knowledge TestAll applicants must pass a knowledge test required for the class of license, restriction, and endorsements they wish to possess. A general knowledge test for the Class, a or Class B and C license must be successfully completed by all CDL applicants.Skills TestAfter passing the appropriate knowledge tests, you  must then take the skills test for the class and type of vehicle you intend to drive.   Included on this exam are a  pre-trip inspection, a test of basic vehicle control, and a test in on-road driving.

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Veteran Rights Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Veteran Rights - Essay Example Investigations in concern with the civil rights provided to veterans and military service members can appear to be intricate for the reason that there are a number of considerable constraints to take in to account prior an efficient response. The most significant rights are granted to the veteran members who meet the valid statutory descriptions of a veteran. An eligible employee is the one who performs service in the uniformed services and has not been sued by a disrespectful or bad conduct demeanor release. Moreover, an eligible employee is separated under all conditions but the honorable, and is terminated by a sentence of a general court martial or by transition of sentence to confinement (Fact Sheet [3], 2003). The federal Legislation seeks for employees to endow reemployment rights to the employees who have served in the military dating back to the World War II. As a consequence, the security as well as coverage for veterans and reservists has branched out substantially. The veterans obtain their rights from several federal as well as New York State authorities which are inclusive of municipal civil service regulations (Report, 2008). Furthermore, a veteran can appear to be an eligible present or former work-person, and not all veterans or military service members are given the right to avail alike benefits. Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA) The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 or USERRA is a federal law which intends to make sure that the members who have served in the Armed Forces, Resources, National Guard or other associated services are not drawn back in their civilian vocations because of their services. Moreover, the act also ensure that they are punctually reemployed in their civilian careers upon their resume from duty, and are not told apart against in the vocation which is based on past, present as well as future military service (Article, 2009). USERRA secures the job rights of civilians and advantages for veterans as well as members of Reserve constituents. It also generates key improvisations in the defense of the service member rights as well as advantages by means of elucidation of the law, perk up enforcement apparatus, and augments Federal Government personnel to those work-persons who are already entitled to take delivery of the Department of Labor assistance in dispens ation assertions (Fact Sheet [1], 2009). Moreover, USERRA develops the increasing length of the period which an individual may tend to be not present from the job for some military obligation and keep hold of the reemployment rights to five years (Fact Sheet [1], 2009). There are quite significant exemptions to the five-year constraint which is inclusive of the early-on recruitments

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Effective Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Effective Management - Essay Example The party- the core principal which may be the local city may decide to give contracts to the contractors to do the work in accordance to the stipulated guidelines. The contracts may invoke agency problems since the contractors may fail to deliver what their principle requires. For example schools with the help of school boards may decide to contract unqualified teachers on behave of the teachers unions because of the low price that the teacher has offered. Often, the contractors will do will always do their tasks to save costs at the expense of quality of the work that they have been contracted to do. They may also fail to finish the work or do the work at their interests. Normaly, recognision of the incentives is pivotal in the effectiveness of the management. The incentives that are given to the contractors should be increased so as to act as a motivation to the contractors. This will enable them to do the work without the desire to minimize costs thus compromising the quality of the work. In class most students rated others with high and perfect score, this was an agency problem since many revealed conflict of interest as per the requirements. I think the incentive should be changed and that the perfect score should only be given when there zero

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Martha Graham Essay Example for Free

Martha Graham Essay Yes, I would do that. I had found my fate. †(Hari 70) Daoud Hari is a man that travels in and out of Darfur many, many times putting himself at risk. He was willing to risk his own life while many others think only of themselves. Bravery is not something many people are born with. Some people may obtain it and some do not. Martha Graham is one of the people that did obtain bravery, and it was a very strong bravery that is very rare to find. â€Å"Martha Graham’s dancing and choreography exposed the depths of human emotion through movements that were sharp, angular, jagged, and direct. (â€Å"Martha Graham Dancer’s Journal†) Martha Graham experimented with many different movements and many different ways so her dancing was very different from the dance movement people were most comfortable with. Many people criticized her and told her that her work was too out of the ordinary. â€Å"If Graham ever gave birth,† one critic equipped, â€Å"it would be to a cube. † (â€Å"The Dancer†) No matter what critics said, she kept going. Martha Graham was an innovative and focused individual. Her love of dance was so intense she refused to leave the stage when critic’s said she was too old. That’s the type of bravery people need, the bravery to keep doing something that one believes in when the majority is against them. Daoud Hari’s bravery is similar to Martha Graham’s. Daoud Hari had to learn to accept what might happen to him if he kept returning to Darfur. Sometimes it is difficult to accept the fate, but Daoud Hari was willing to accept the possibility of death if it meant he could change the way people viewed Darfur. â€Å"No single group held the territory. There was no one to call for permission to come through. This is when it is most dangerous to travel. † (Hari 122) Daoud Hari always had to get where he needed to be. No matter what the circumstances were at the time, he provided as much information as possible to the reporters traveling with him to get the word out about Darfur. Armed with his ability to speak Zaghawa, Arabic, and English he was able to translate for the news and aid organizations. Even though the government of Sudan had outlawed journalists to the region, Daoud Hari risked the possibility of capture and even death. This is complete bravery- to accept something that could happen any moment of any day at any time. Heroes need to have trust in themselves. Martha Graham always had trust in herself no matter what she did. Most of her works she created were based on a historical or emotional feeling. â€Å"There are always ancestral footsteps behind me, pushing me, when I am creating a new dance, and gestures are flowing through me. Whether good or bad, they are ancestral. † (Yaari) The dances with a historic background behind them were called the Greek cycle. These dances were the ones that officially made her famous. The movements in them were so empowering people were shocked after experiencing them. The reason people liked them was because they related so much to how harsh history had been to society in the past and how it might be in the future. Serious issues such as the Great Depression and the Spanish Civil War were brought to the stage along with the dark emotions experienced by all. If she had never followed her brain, heart, or spirit then none of these dances would have come alive. Trusting in herself was a key factor in the making of many of her works. Martha Graham, much like Daoud Hari, had to find a way to believe in herself and take dance to the next level whether based on her gut feeling or her spirit regardless of what people thought of her. Daoud Hari always followed his gut. Whenever he saw people in pain, he would trust his gut and try and help the people in need no matter who they were or what they believed in. â€Å"The commander ordered a soldier to go get him some food, but I said that he must not eat our kind of food, that someone must go into town and get him an American-style sandwich that a white man could eat, and a coke or Pepsi. There was an argument about the cost of this, but I assured the commander that our food would kill this man, and I truly believed that he was not strong enough for anything but his own food. (Hari 160) Daoud Hari is one of the few in the world that could actually tell a guard to go get another prisoner food because the prisoner looked like he was about to die. Trusting his gut that the guard would do it is about 99% of the battle that he had to face. It was not getting the prisoners food; it was standing up to the guard and saying that he will die if he does not have an American- style meal. Martha Graham and Daoud H ari are both heroes in their own way. They both have confidence, bravery, and trust in themselves, which are the necessary traits that a hero needs to be a true hero. In the world there are people who see bad things being done to people and do not do anything about it and there are people who do something about the bad things being done. This is essential because Daoud Hari and Martha Graham both helped the people that needed to be helped. Martha Graham helped dancers develop a new style that they might like better than ballet, providing a wider spectrum to choose from. Daoud Hari helped numerous news reporters get into Darfur and get back out safely with what they wanted and what they needed to know about what is happening in Darfur.

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General Motors Asian Alliances :: Market Global Essays

General Motors' Asian Alliances General Motors, an American-based automotive manufacturer with a large global presence, has long held a large share of the worldwide automotive market. Despite its market position and reputation for quality, the company has recently begun to struggle with new competitors in the Asian Pacific region, which has pushed their needs to develop new manufacturing technologies, as well as to better control costs and quality in its American manufacturing facilities. Beginning in the 1970s, several nations of the Asian Pacific region, most notably Japan and South Korea, emerged as economic powerhouses. As their manufacturing bases matured, they entered the automotive industry and began to present new challenges as well as new opportunities for General Motors. GM would need to find a successful formula for doing business in this region, as well as develop and adopt innovations that would help it improve its manufacturing operations elsewhere. In this Case Study, we will examine the facts, the problems, identify the core problems in how General Motors has managed its business alliances in with Asian partner companies, and offer our recommendations how General Motors can best master the challenges of doing business in the East and fully benefit from its joint ventures. I. THE FACTS Toyota and NUMMI: In Japan, Toyota was the heavyweight of the automotive industry, controlling over fifty percent of the entire Japanese auto market, and eight percent of the total world market, making it the world’s third largest automotive manufacturer, behind only Ford and General Motors. Toyota presided over a tight confederation of companies, known as a keiretsu where a major manufacturer, such as Toyota, presides over a â€Å"pyramid† with the primary manufacturer on top, and several tiers of suppliers below. Unlike General Motors, who held seventy percent vertical integration with its global network of partnerships, alliances, and joint ventures, Toyota only had thirty percent vertical integration in its affiliations, but still managed to have many long-lasting and stable partnerships with its suppliers. Keiretsus were vast and closely-allied corporate partnerships which evolved from the pre-World War II zaibatsus, giant industrial conglomerates that dominated the nation’s pre-war economy and politics, but were broken up during by the post-war United States-run Occupation authority. These networks were bound by complex and long-lasting arrangements, often minority equity ownership by the company at the top of the keiretsu.

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Peter Tosh: a Pioneer of Reggae and Trailblazing Rastafarian

Peter Tosh: A Pioneer of Reggae and Trailblazing Rastafarian Peter Tosh was not only an incredible Reggae musician, but an incredible person as well. He had a history of doing his part to help those in need of help, fighting for those who were unable to fight for themselves. Tosh, a pioneer of the Rastafari movement, would lead the people of Jamaica through his selfless actions and his music. Peter Tosh, born Winston Hubert McIntosh, was born in Westmoreland, Jamaica on October 9, 1944 to parents, Alvera Coke and James McIntosh. Tosh’s father would have nothing to do with his upbringing or even acknowledge that Tosh was his son.In fact, they would not even meet until Tosh was ten years old. His mother, unable to care for Tosh herself, asked her sister to raise him, which she did in Savanna-la-Mar, Jamaica. Due to the feeling of rejection that this placed inside of him, Tosh grew up extremely self-reliant and independent, which would help him later on in his fight for his peopl e. During the time of his upbringing, life in Jamaica was extremely difficult. Jobs were scarce and money even more so. The majority of families were struggling to make ends meet, scrounging for money and building supply scraps to keep roofs over their heads.Jamaica’s government was extremely corrupt and the wealthier, land-owning class was taking advantage of those less fortunate. Tosh recognized this and would later become a modern day Robin Hood, using his presence in the public eye to his advantage by speaking on behalf of his fellow Jamaicans to raise awareness on the issue. Tosh began playing music at a very young age, keeping him away from gang life. He had no formal training of any instrument, aside from six months of piano lessons when he was in fifth grade. Music was his passion and he excelled in it.Tosh moved to Trenchtown with his uncle after his aunt grew very ill and nearly died. It was here that Tosh would develop his musical talents and go on to form the most influential band in reggae history. Trenchtown, named because of the many trenches that ran through it carrying sewage waste away from Kingston, was filled with music. While walking through town one day, Tosh came across a guitarist by the name of Joe Higgs, among others, singing and playing in the street. During the jam session, he met a couple who were looking for other vocalists to join a group. The couple was impressed by Tosh’s guitar playing and his baritone voice. Johnson) The couple, Bob Marley and Bunny Livingston, and Tosh, who taught Bob Marley how to play guitar, would hold jam sessions in Higgs’ backyard. These sessions became more and more serious and would eventually lead to the forming of the influential ska-style band called the Wailing Wailers in 1964. The Wailers went on to record twelve albums including One Love, When the Well Runs Dry, and Simmer Down and released groundbreaking singles including ‘Stir it Up’, ‘Get Up, Stand Upà ¢â‚¬â„¢, and ‘Trenchtown Rock’. (http://reggaediscography. blogspot. com/2009/10/peter-tosh-discography. html) By 1966, the band began to fall apart.Marley had moved from Jamaica to the United States to pursue a solo career and Tosh was arrested and served a short stint in jail. By 1972, the Wailers would slowly diminish until they finally broke up. It would be absurd to speak of Peter Tosh and not mention the Rastafari movement, which he had begun to get heavily involved in by this time. The movement was founded in the slums of Kingston, Jamaica in the 1920’s and 1930’s by a man by the name of Marcus Garvey. (www. religionfacts. com) Garvey taught that Africans are the true Israelis and that Ethiopia, referred to as Zion, is the real holy land.He further proclaimed that Africans were exiled to Jamaica and other parts of the world outside of Africa (the America’s and Europe are referred to as Babylon) as a form of divine punishment. (ww. religionfac ts. com) In the 1930’s, peaceful communities had begun popping up in Kingston and Rastafarians began to adopt their own culture to include a distinctive dialect and hair style, and developed their own style of art and music. It was their music that would help spread the ideology of the Rastafari movement across the globe. The music of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh would become messengers of Jah (God) spreading the word throughout the world.After the Wailers went their separate ways, Tosh focused on a solo career. His first album, Legalize It, went public in 1976. The name of the album, as well as the title track, refers to his stance on the legalization of marijuana. Tosh believed that smoking marijuana was a path to enlightenment. It was a way for the working class of Jamaica to get relief from the stresses of life. He further believed that the government made marijuana illegal as a way of oppressing Jamaicans and keeping them in order. Tosh only wrote songs after he had smoked marijuana because he felt he could see clearly. (www. thetalkingdrum. com)By the time of the One Love Peace Concert of 1978, Jamaica was in the midst of a political civil war. The concert was held in an effort to set aside the differences of Jamaicans and promote peace, love, and harmony. Tosh took this concert, at which Bob Marley and the Wailers were headlining, as an opportunity to speak to the audience. Tosh bluntly put the government down, accusing them of using Jamaica and the people that lived there for their resources with little regard as to what would happen to them. He spoke his mind, as always, without caring who would hear. He spoke for the rights of his brothers and sisters of Jamaica.That concert was the first time that a person held in such high regards amongst the public had spoken out against the Jamaican government. It was at this moment that Peter Tosh became a heroic figure and a public rights leader. The high regard in which he was held by his peers would turn out to be a blessing and a curse. Four months after the One Love Peace Concert and his lecture against the Jamaican government, Tosh was brutally attacked by up to ten police officers and nearly died. This was the first of many attacks, both verbal and physical, but this is where Tosh wanted to be.He wanted to be the center of attention, not for his own ego but to be in a position to speak on behalf of his people. It was a way for him to voice their concerns and demand corrective action. The One Love Peace Concert not only boosted Tosh in the political eye, but would end up boosting his American musical career as well. Mick Jagger, of the Rolling Stones, was in the audience at the concert and would go on to sign Tosh under the Rolling Stones’ record label. Tosh would go on to release two albums under the label, Bush Doctor and Mystic Man. The short life of this relationship ended when Tosh felt he was not being promoted properly. www. talkingdrum. com) Two years after releasi ng Wanted Dread or Alive, Tosh had hit the pinnacle of his career in 1983, which was the time of his European tour promoting Mama Africa. These two albums would go on to become known as Tosh’s best work. (www. talkingdrum. com) While on this tour, Tosh appeared on stage with his signature M-16 [military assault rifle] guitar. The guitar was significant in the fact that it was a symbol for Tosh’s music being his weapon against the corrupt politicians and evils in the world. (www. talkingdrum. com) His concerts were more than just music. They were spiritually enlightening and informative.It was not uncommon for Tosh to set aside some time during a show to talk to the audience about his views on the evils of the world. Despite the public being supportive of Tosh and his cause, he was murdered by three assailants on September 11, 1987. Record has it that three men, one of whom Tosh knew and tried to help find work after a term in jail, had approached him at his home demand ing money. When Tosh replied that he had none, he was shot three times. The assailant that Tosh knew turned himself in to the authorities, while the other two were never found. The story of the robbery, however, remains under scrutiny.According to reports, nothing from Tosh’s home was missing. The three men who went there to rob him took nothing. Many speculate that it was a hit to forever silence Tosh and his outspoken ways. From the moment he was born, it seems Peter Tosh was destined to live the life he did. He was a man with many admirable qualities, most importantly the courage to speak up for those who were not in a position to do it themselves in effort to better the lives of his fellow Jamaicans. He was a pioneer for the Rastafari movement and a prominent figure in the development of Reggae music, forming it into the shape it holds today.  

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Abortion The Impact of Federalism and the Separation of...

Otto von Bismarck once said, â€Å"Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.† The arduous process that a bill undergoes in order to become a law may seem grueling and pointless; however, the processes high caliber of difficulty allows for the extreme prestige and exclusivity of bills that are passed. Because the process is so exhausting, and filibusters, subsequently requiring a super-majority vote to pass a bill, have always been such a threat in Congress, historically, bills that attempt to reform sensitive issues have not fared well in the legislative branch. However, when Congress does pass controversial laws, it then also faces the task of effectively enforcing them. But, when the process is carried out to†¦show more content†¦Pro-life advocates also may argue that using tax payer money to fund something that they and so many others are so opposed to is wrong, that young women are not ready to make such a decision, and, finally, that abort ions may even cause mental and emotional harm. However, these opinions are not accepted by abortion activists. Pro-choice groups, for example, support a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion. They believe that a fetus is incapable of life during the first trimester when many abortions take place, so, in their opinion’s, it is not murder. They use statistics such as the fact that 88% of women who have abortions get them in their first trimester (Lowen, n.d.), only 8% of women who get abortions do not regularly use contraceptives (Lowen, n.d.), and that there is less than a .5% chance of serious complications occurring during or because of an abortion procedure (Lowen, n.d.). They argue that often times a woman is too scared to speak up or does not know that she even is pregnant after a rape, so abortion may be her last resort. They advocate a woman’s rights to her own body, and use the fact that tax dollars are also used to fund wars, and people oppose those as well, to rebut the argument that tax payer’s money should not be spent on supporting such a sensitive issue. And, tax dollars are necessary in order to make abortion procedures affordable for women who otherwiseShow MoreRelatedFederalism Vs. Judicial Review899 Words   |  4 PagesWhen one thinks of individual rights, federalism is not one of the first thoughts that come to mind. In fact federalism played a huge role in the start of individual rights. Along with federalism, judicial review was one of the initial startups of individual rights with Supreme Court cases that will be later mentioned. Federalism and judicial review paved the way for the start up and stability of individual rights. Before the analysis of how federalism and judicial review plays a part in individualRead MoreThe First Reading By Sarah Helene Duggin973 Words   |  4 Pagesthe separation of powers, taxing and spending power and Commerce Power. Finally, the author demonstrate that the opponent is these two reforms seems to be the business sector which see the reform as a threat for the economy. Nonetheless, the author claimed that the best way to ensure political accountability to the ACA is to allow the political process to take its course in congress and believe that constitutional question relative to federalism over individual power and limit of federal power shouldn’tRead MoreCurrents Events Journal On The Supreme Court Essay1846 Words   |  8 Pagesit is likely that all three would be filled by liberal justices, making the court split six to three in favor of liberals. This liberal Supreme Court could make many changes related to prison conditions, the death penalty, campaign finan cing, and abortion. First, the court would potentially eliminate the use of extended periods of solitary confinement on the grounds that this is in conflict with the Eighth Amendment. Likewise, the court would possibly get rid of the death penalty on the basis thatRead MoreLibertarian Ideology Aims For A Balance Of Social And Economic Policy Essay2116 Words   |  9 Pagesover the daily lives of people. Individuals should have maximum personal liberty to self-govern their own lives. Examples of libertarian policy include: non-interventionism when dealing with other nations, indifference about same sex marriage and abortion because government should not interfere in the lives of private citizens, and being anti-tax as they believe individuals should pay for services privately rather than the government collecting taxes and distributing those funds. Conservatism hasRead MoreThe Constitution Of The Amendment2425 Words   |  10 Pages have for too long ignored the framers intent on the relationship between the separation of powers between the Federal and State government. The abdication of responsibility for protecting the 10th amendment, not only by our elected officials but by citizens as well, deviates the subtle balance of power in our nation to a detrimental state. The United States of America is just that, united States, that have the power to legislate for their constituents any laws not delegated to the Federal governmentRead MoreInterest Groups2248 Words   |  9 Pageslimited resources distributed through the political process. While many groups are formed to compete for economic resources, others are formed to support their positions on issues like abortion and gun control. The limited resource these groups compete for is not money or real estate but rather the use of governmental power to enforce a particular set of values. At the group level, it makes sense for groups to form and do the things they do. However, at the individual level, there are powerful incentivesRead MoreThe Political Ideals Of Pierre Trudeau2989 Words   |  12 Pagesadvocators of personalism (Ricci, 2009). Trudeau was strongly devoted to a strain of individualism based on the Catholic principle of personalism and was committed to human rights. He condemned the character of nationalism and argued in favour of federalism as the ultimate form of organization. The strength of Trudeau’s personality and his determination to transform Canada lead him to defend a ‘rational messianism† founded on the idea that Canada had the moral responsibility to defeat Quebec nationalismRead MoreIss 225 John Molloy Final Exam Study Guide Fall Semester 20128139 Words   |  33 Pages`ISS 225: POWER, AUTHORITY EXCHANGE Study Guide, Final Exam, Fall 2012 Unit IV: Courts and Civil Liberties Professor Molloy The final exam will be given in the regular classroom 109 South Kedzie Hall Section 001 will take its final on Monday, Dec. 10 from 7:45-9:45 a.m. Section 002 will take its test on Monday, Dec. 10 from 12:45 - 2:45 p.m. The classroom is not large enough to accommodate two large sections, so you must take the exam when it is scheduled by the university